Goodbye 2013

This year has well and truly flown by. I always enjoy seeing other bloggers end of year posts so thought I would do one of my own this year. 


In January I braved the snowy weather and attended a pattern cutting course at the Fashion and Textile museum. Whilst I was there I also got the chance to see the Hartnell to Amies exhibition.

Good Ol' Freda

Good O'l Freda is a documentary about Freda Kelly, the Beatles secretary and friend. It's one of the few documentaries with full support of the living Beatles and it's full of original footage of the band, as well as great footage of life in the 60s (I loved seeing all the clothes!). It was recently on More4 in the UK and more information about the documentary can be found here.

Definitely one to watch!


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Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas lovelies! I hope Santa leaves you all lots of lovely presents under the tree tonight.

Style Muse: Barbara Hulanicki

I first read Barbara's autobiography, From A to Biba, around 7 years ago at a time when I was just starting to wear vintage. I worked in Mayfair at the time and would spend my lunchtimes scouring the vintage shops in Kingly Court (there was a great one called Twinkled that had amazing 60s homewares - sadly it's no longer there).

A Brief History Of The Paper Dress

During the 1960s styles were constantly changing and there were many brief fashion fads and trends. One such trend was that of the paper dress.

Style Muse: Clothilde

Clothilde, born Élisabeth Beauvais on 22 February 1948, is a French Yé Yé singer from Paris who had a brief singing career in the 1960s, releasing 2 EP's for the Vogue record label.

Winter Fashion - 60s Style

Despite not liking the cold very much, autumn/winter fashion is a favourite of mine so I thought we would take a look at winter fashion throughout the 1960s today. 


A warm coat is essential (especially here in England), coat styles varied for women in the 60s, the pea coat, empire style, maxi and coats with fur collars were all popular. Women would often team mini skirts with a maxi coat to keep their legs warm.

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween you gorgeous lot! Stayed tuned for a post on winter fashion - 1960s style.


Style Muse: Françoise Hardy

Casual 60s - Red Slacks

I made trousers guys! I've been after a red pair of slacks for ages but the majority of vintage repro companies don't make them small enough to fit me (on a recent dancing trip I was informed by a stall holder that I had "the waist of a child" after I asked what size they went down to!).  I really really wanted a red pair though so when I came across this McCalls pattern in my size it was like fate!

Grace Coddington

I'm currently reading Grace Coddington's autobiography, which is proving to be an enjoyable and interesting read. It's quite a large book so not one to read on the train to work unless you want to give yourself backache carrying it around (I don't do kindles!). At the moment I'm currently reading about her time as a model during the 60s which is just fab. I'd sort of forgotten that she used to be a model as she is much more well known now for being Creative Director at American Vogue. She quickly became a 'face' during the 60s, posing for Bailey, Donovan, Duffy and Norman Parkinson and she was the muse behind Vidal Sassoons five point cut. Having recently read Mary Quant's autobiography it is interesting to read Grace's account of the Kings Road during the 60s.

Style Muse: Jean Shrimpton

Goodwood Revival 2013

Sixties Nightclub

Style Muse: Mary Quant

I recently read Quant by Quant, The Autobiography of Mary Quant. If you haven't read it then I urge you to do so as it is such an inspiring read. Mary Quant is perhaps best remembered for popularising the mini skirt and this book, originally published in 1966, tells the story of her early career and life with Alexander Plunket Greene, her husband and business partner. After opening her boutique Bazaar on the Kings Road in 1955, Mary Quant soared to fame with her stylish clothes and much like in the early days of Biba the shop would regularly run out of stock when it first opened. The book is highly entertaining and I just love finding out about the mad life they all lead in the early years of setting up the shop.

A Week of Suits

I have slowly been building up a little collection of 60s mod suits, most of them in crimplene (what else!). I have searched high and low for these beauties, some were ebay finds, others were bought at vintage shops in London. The other week I realised that I seem to have quite a few of them, so to ease the pain of going back to work after a bank holiday I decided to make this week a week of suits!

Outfit Details
1960s suit and breton top

Style Muse: Jane Asher

Sixties Inspired: Lily Collins Photoshoot

Sixties Inspired: Boutique by Jaeger

Boutique by Jaeger is fast becoming one of my favourite places to shop, the clothes are beautifully made and inspired by the 60s, what's not to love?

Style Muse: Sylvie Vartan

A Mod and a Rocker

Me and my sister have very different styles and yesterday we couldn't have looked more different if we tried (she is wearing my leather jacket though!). 

I'm wearing a new-to-me dress bought from Retrobates vintage in Greenwich, one of my favourite vintage shops in London.


The Classic Mini - My Favourite Car

My love affair with the Mini began seven years ago when my parents bought me a 1981 Mini City as my first car (I still have it, although it's not my main car anymore). 

Style Muse: France Gall

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

For all of my UK readers, BBC 4 is currently showing a great series called Britain on Film. Throughout the 1960s short, quirky documentaries that examined all aspects of life in Britain were produced by the Rank Organisation (Look at Life). Tuesday's episode focused on the developments in the fashion industry in the 1960s and is definitely worth a watch - I wanted to jump through the tv and join in on all the fun! 

The episode is available on iplayer for the next five days.


Key Looks of the 1960s

I'm currently reading Vintage Fashion - Collecting and wearing designer clothes, which I received as a present last Christmas. Although I live and breathe the 60s I also love the fashions of earlier eras and this book is a great guide to the clothes created by couture houses and designers in the twentieth century. I love looking at couture, mainly from a dressmaking perspective as I love to see the incredible detail that went into making each garment. 

In the chapter on the 1960s they have a section entitled "Key Looks of the 1960s" which I thought I would share.

A New Dress - Butterick 5913

Thank you all for your get well messages, today's post is long overdue as I actually finished this dress back in May!

I used some lovely 60s barkcloth that I picked up at a vintage fair recently and made version A. I omitted the pockets and did initially include the collar which I made out of white crimplene however I wasn't happy with the way it turned out and felt that it overpowered the dress so I decided to leave it off in the end.

Blue Roses

Do you like my new cropped blouse? It made its debut on Saturday night when I went out dancing but Lola is modelling it today as I'm feeling a bit under the weather. I must say I'm quite pleased with it, this is the first time I've used a pattern block to design my own garment!


Summer in the City

Well, sort of. Up until recently I would always be 'up town' but lately I've become a little bit tired of city life, the constant noise and rush of everything is a little too much and on a gloriously sunny evening, such as the ones we've been having recently, it has been lovely to come home to this:

Sixties Inspired: One Cool Couple

Inspirational Images: 60s Dolls

Matchy Matchy

Those of you who follow me on instagram will have seen this outfit that I wore on Wednesday. I just love it when things match, the jacket is a fairly new purchase and goes with so many things.

Outfit details 
Jacket - Zara, Dress - 1960s vintage


Style Muse: Mad Men

Since my last post about Meredith's style was so popular, I thought I'd focus on the fashions of the Mad Men ladies (and gents!) that we don't often hear about.

Style Muse: Mad Men's Meredith

I've been catching up with season 6 of Mad Men and Meredith's wardrobe is definitely one to watch. I saw some blue and yellow polka dot fabric on my travels recently and will be going back to get some after seeing Meredith's gorgeous blouse.


images via

A Brief History of Crimplene

Ah crimplene, I just love the stuff. Not a lot of people do though, for my mum and Aunt crimplene conjures up memories of horrible sweaty school uniforms and fashions they would rather forget. 

Curtain Dresses and Inspiration

Over the bank holiday weekend I finished making a dress using one of my tried and tested 1960s sewing patterns. I love using curtains or light wool to make dresses as they work so well with the 60s patterns that I have.

Sindy in the 60s