Black and White

Black is not a colour I usually wear, mainly because if I wear black close to my face I look a bit ill so I tend to avoid it. I do, however, love a breton top and was inspired to create a black and white stripe roll neck after seeing this fab video on Shady Dell's blog where the backing dancers are wearing black and white. 

Style Muse: Gillian Hills


Blogger Meet Ups

Hello! Apologies for the silence, my laptop charger died and it's taking me a while to locate a new one. I tried my hardest to find a replacement through friends and family as I have a Macbook and damn, those chargers are expensive! Alas, it was to no avail and after one failed trip to Apple already (they gave me the wrong charger - after I picked up the right one and they said that wasn't the one I needed. It seems I know more about their products than they do), I'm still laptop-less and at the moment I'm considering just buying a bloody PC and being done with it all.

Anyway, in other news, a couple of months ago (where does the time go?) I made a trip south of the river to attend a vintage fair in Brixton that the lovely Vix was trading at. I've read her blog for many years and just love her style so was really looking forward to meeting her in person. She's so lovely and we had a good natter whilst Jon manned the stall. Her rail of crimplene maxi dresses was to die for! I've pinched the photo that Jon took of us, isn't her dress fab?!

Hopefully the charger debacle should be sorted soon and normal service shall resume - I have some outfits I want to show you!



Style Muse: Meredith in Mad Men

It's been a while since my last style muse post and after catching up with the last season of Mad Men (sob!), I thought we should all take a moment to appreciate Meredith's wardrobe. She has really come into her own this season and has had some great scenes and brilliant one-liners. Her wardrobe is just too adorable - lots of frills and ruffles!

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